PDQ is located in Enid, Oklahoma and owned by Darlene Combs. She operated primarily as a print shop for local businesses and customers until a local LipSense distributor approached her about doing promotional products. Darlene had no idea how it would change her life for the better.

When a local LipSense distributor approached her about doing promotional products, Darlene was happy to help this woman promote her business as well as create potential growth within her team. This distributor then turned around and spread the word about PDQ as her team grew and one order turned into several. As time passed, Darlene was taking orders from many local women who were starting new, life-changing careers as distributors. It was a learning experience — no one knew the growth and success the LipSense products would soon experience.

Before long, word of her business spread through different groups and orders began to boom from across all 50 states. Suddenly, this home-town printing company was producing materials for women all across the country. With a spike in demand, she hired a whole new team of women trained and educated in the creation and marketing of eye-popping promotional material that will leave an impression.

This is what the PDQ’s LipSense business is all about – women helping women. We want to give the LipSense distributor the ability to grow her business by making it more convenient for her. She no longer has to take valuable time and energy making cards herself or go through the hassle of working with a local printer unfamiliar with her needs or budget. We have the cards and templates ready to solve any problem she might tackle. Your business is special to us and we look forward to helping you expand. We want to be your trusted printer – call us today and let’s grow together.

The bottom line is that it’s all about women helping women!!